Our goal is to assist single family offices in delivering the best possible outcomes for their clients.

We achieve this through:

Knowledge sharing: Private introductions, discussion groups, research studies and white papers
Network building: Receptions, dinners, bespoke introductions to service providers and deal originators
Metric design: Benchmarking, price surveys and key performance indicators

Much knowledge is stored within the family office community but, for a variety of reasons, precious little is transferred between them. We are helping to change that.


Our extensive network enables us to connect family offices who may benefit from knowing each other better.
These meetings take place in private and can be conducted at your offices or at a neutral venue

Change is the only constant:

Meet families who have negotiated similar shifts in structure or purpose

Dealflow without the salespeople:

Share dealflow and access coinvestment and off-market opportunities

Trusted advisers:

Bespoke introductions to leading service providers in their fields


We understand that learning and development is best achieved in an environment free of the solicitation and intrusion of over-zealous salespeople. Event partners are strictly limited in number and must demonstrate their ability to add significant experience and value to the debate. All partners are vetted before acceptance, and sales pitches are banned.


Discuss investment, governance, and wealth transfer issues at our regular roundtable meetings

Workshops and summits:

Learn from peers and subject matter experts on topics ranging from ESG to information security

Training courses:

Written and delivered by family offices. Topics include setting up/restructuring a family office


A key function of the Family Office Council is to analyse, aggregate, and disseminate useful insight within the single family office community. Our focus is on delivering insight that can easily be leveraged into positive outcomes.

Surveys and reports:

Regular surveys of our members on topics ranging from investing to nextgen education

Benchmarks and KPIs:

We are developing a range of practical benchmarks and key performance indicators for single family offices

Consulting engagements:

We advise family offices on a wide variety of matters; We help service partners improve their offering for single family offices